Model in Navy Coat



2014 collection reflects his longing for rest and sleep. His transition of major from Painting to Fashion Design is a dominant challenge in his life, spending most of his sleepless days acquiring the sewing skills and pattern-making. Due to the limitation of material and color, he is only able to use white cotton with natural red dyes. Through applicable image searching and thoughtful research, JunHo finds a close relationship between sleep and poppy flower. The poppy flower is known for its beauty and delicacy; the bright red color stands out among colored flowers with richly nutritious seeds. Poppy flower has been used as a symbol of sleep, peace, and remembrance. By using the red color and the silhouette of the flower, he accentuates his wishes to rest and sleep. Furthermore, he glorifies the existence of the flower.



The silhouette reflects the poppy flower. 
Tip dyed with natural dye and waer-down acrylic



The front panel consisting of two layers: creakle-treated leather panel and heavy beaded cotton underlayer with semi-circle fringe. 
100% leather, 100% cotton
Mix Beads: Red coral 7mm, Swarovski crystal (matt, fluorescent) 5mm, moonstone 18mm, crack-effect jade 5mm and 7mm, fluorescent jade 5mm and 10mm