The term ‘Seoulite’ means someone from Seoul, South Korean capital city where contains about 10 million habitants. With the Gyeonggi province (translated to the region surrounding Seoul), the little piece of land contains nearly a quarter of South Korea’s population. I was born and raised in Seoul city until the age of 15. I always longed to go back to Seoul for good; remembering the skyline and night views where all the entertainments embellish every corner of the city. The northern part of Seoul exhibits the most consequential historic architecture and landmarks of the old kingdoms, meanwhile, the southern part of Seoul offers a technological advancement and excitement. In detail, day time and night time activity of Seoul never doze off; the day flowers with tourists and tiresome workers trying to go somewhere; the night thrives with smoking youngsters and adorable couples adorning the streets with neon signs, street lights, and full of their activities. Seoul’s character is defined by the undying noise of people and automobiles; bright, almost obnoxious neon signs; and sun-reflecting windows on every skyscraper.

This is my 5th year living in Chicago. Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S, following behind New York City and Los Angeles. However, the experience is quite different than NYC and Seoul. The downtown dies at night, and the nightlife ends quicker than any other places I have ever been to. All the stores in the downtown area (Chicagoan calls this “the Loop” area) closes at 9pm or the latest, 10pm. Two of the subway lines, which is blue and red, run 24/7, but the number of service shrinks to one per every 40minutes. Sometimes, I find this shutdown almost unbearable and bizarre. However, I slowly realize the beauty of the quietness and serenity, except for all the bombastic sirens of firetrucks and ambulances. The beautiful side of the darkness cast over the city gives one peaceful and concentrated vibes; recovering and regenerating one’s stressed body and soul. Living in both towns for some periods, I begin to form a unique experience and a point of view. I am used to the quiet surroundings of Chicago; making me more of a calmer individual. On the other hand, I am kin to what metropolis should propose to maintain the basic human need: easy accessibility to entertainments and transportation.

2019 Spring/Summer collection is a result of these two different experiences mixed together. I was inspired to use vibrant colors of night streets in Seoul and active concert venues of Chicago; trying to capture the primary colors in responding to the rigorous movement of city people. The combination of modern architectures of two cities are mixed and presented in the way a garment is constructed; the pocket panels and paneled seam lines portrait the architecture baseline of two cities.